Want To Send SMS TO An Alien?

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sms broadcast,sms blast,sms center,sms gateway,sms bulk,sms gratisCommunicating with alien, it it possible? - Now, there is a new breakthrough to communicate with the alien with a short message or SMS. Really? And how? There is a site on the net which is HelloFromEarth.net from Australia allows Australian residents to send a message to the alien outside The Solar System. This site was initially launched to commemorate the National Science Week. HelloFromEarth provide the facility to send a message to an alien as long as 160 characters.

Message from users will be collected and then sent via satellite at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex, to the planet Gliese 581d which is 20 light years from earth. The reason for sending a message to planet Gliese 581d is due to have resemblance with the earth. Scientists predict there are other living beings on that planet.

However, HelloFromEarth.net can not ensure that the message will soon get a reply from the alien. Messages are collected and will be delivered next year. These Messages may be arrived to planet Gliese at December 2029.

Although full of uncertainty, but it seems many Australians are curious to try this service. Australian Federal Science Minister, Kim Carrbecame the first to send messages to alien beings.